Below are a few of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question you do not see answered, please go to our contact us page and fill out the form.



Frequently asked questions

How do I shop from my dealer?

First, go to the events page. Next, select your dealer's event! This will take you to your personalized shopping page where you will be able to select your products. You will need to contact them for their password. Proceed to check out and use your shopping code provided by the dealer to complete your purchase.

How can I stream Live?

You must have your dealers url (ex: www.createwithrnk/yourdealer) and their password to see the live stream.

Can I pick up in store?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot. We ship directly from the our warehouse in Knoxville, TN and ship to you! This helps less contact and the dealers still receive profit for the purchase.

How do I find out more events?

Go to our events page or follow us on Facebook!

Why can't I see the live video?

Let's ask a few questions first: 1. Do you have the login URL and Password? 2. Do you see the welcome photo? 3. Can you scroll down past the welcome photo and see the about, visit, and hours? 4. Keep scrolling until you see the live video! 5. Refresh your page if you were on the live video when the time was supposed to start. It may have just not refreshed on your page due to wifi/bandwidth.

What if I miss the Live Event?

It's available for 48 hours!

How Long is the Shopping Sale for?

Shop until you drop! There is no expiration.

How do I get Free Shipping?

You must spend $200 or more.

I would like to combine my orders to save on shipping.

We would have to cancel both of your orders and have you repurchase. Luckily, the sale doesn't end so you are able to do this!

Is tax based off of where I live or where the event is held by the dealer?

Based off of where you live.

When is my order going to ship?

7-10 days after you placed your order. We will send a confirmation before or after your order is delivered to ensure that it is fulfilled.

How do I join the chat?

Hover over the video and scroll down. This is the group chat. You must join it. Not to be mistaken for the cute green circle in the right corner. That is tech support.

Is the Green Circle in the Right Hand Corner the Chat?

No. Please hover over the video and scroll down to join the group chat. The green circle is technical support.

Can I add things to my order?

No. We can cancel your order for you and let you replace it!

Help! I need Technical Support!

Chat in the green circle in the right hand corner. We will help you!

I can't find a product I want.

Contact us with your product inquiries or email us at orders@rnkdistributing.com and we will help you!

Where's the search bar?

There isn't one. The reason why is because we have hundreds of wonderful dealers that carry different products. This is one website with private pages and we unfortunately do not have the capability to make it smart enough to differenciate between each dealers products that they carry.

Why can't I hear?

1. Hit unmute in the middle of your video. 2. Turn up your volume 3. Try a different device

Do we offer Payment Plans?

No we do not.

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Shipping & Returns

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