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18th Century Pumpkin Dress

Have you met Casey Renee Cosplay? She is a super talented cosplayer that we adore! Since it's now Fall, we can show you her latest project!

We know you love embroidery projects. But have you ever created your own clothes or costume before? It's a task, for sure! But, Casey Cosplay takes the bull by the horns and conquers her cosplay dreams!

Last time we featured Casey in our blog, you saw the amazing Elsa costume! We know you loved it, because we did too! But, if you are obsessed with Fall like we are, you are going to love this 18th Century Pumpkin Dress!

Follow the video below to see a close-up video of how Casey embroidered her stomacher on the 18th Century Pumpkin Dress:

Now it's time for the final Pumpkin Dress Video! Follow the link below:

So, what do you think? We absolutely love the vintage Victorian style that Casey has truly brought to life in this dress! Share to spread the Fall spirit!

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