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Buttons and Buttonholes

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Today is Clarrisa's Corner, and she is talking about Buttons and Buttonholes!

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Good Button and Buttonhole Practices:

  • Place buttons (that means to just find the placement) first and then buttonholes if you are setting your own placement.

  • Always place buttons at areas of stress such as bust, waist, hips. -Once buttons are placed, determine the total number of buttons you want. Buttons are generally 2-3 ½” apart.

  • To find the distance between buttons, measure the distance between the top and bottom button. Divide that by the button count minus 1. If your distance measures 18” and you want 6 buttons you will divide 18 by 5. That equals 3.6 which is 3 5/8”.

  • Buttons should be placed on the left side for females and right side for males.

  • Buttons are always stitched on the center front line.


  • Buttonholes are stitched vertically if you have a placket and horizontally otherwise.

  • Buttonholes are stitched (if horizontal) 1/8” inside the center front line. -Buttonholes are stitched 1/8” longer than your button if you have a flat button. For thicker buttons you will need a longer buttonhole. About a ¼” longer.

  • Test. Use the same fabric, layers and interfacing that you will be stitching the buttonholes on and do a test buttonhole to make sure it fits your buttonhole.

  • Always place a small piece of tearaway under your buttonhole while stitching. -Mark the beginning, center and end of your buttonhole.

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