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Cathedral Window Pot Holder

Look how adorable this project is! Maybe I'm bias, but Clarrisa's Cathedral Window Pot Holder is the special project we need this Christmas! Join us each Thursday on Floriani's Facebook page as Clarrisa goes live and teaches us projects and techniques!


· 2 pieces of fabric ½ yard each for inside and outside of potholder. 1/3 yard of fabric for center-cutting instructions below

· 2 pieces of RNK Embroidery batting 8 ¼”x 8 ¼”. Embroidery batting is a cotton/polyester batting that is very sturdy

· 1 piece of RNK Hot n Cold barrier fleece 8 ¼”x 8 ¼”.

· Standard sewing thread in a neutral color

· Floriani Chrome 80/12 microtex needle.

· Quilter’s Select Glue stick

· Quilter’s Select marker

· Quilter’s Select 12 ½” x 12 ½” square ruler

· Quilter’s Select rotary cutter

· Quilter’s Straight pins- They are longer than regular pins to pin through all the layers

· ¼” stitching pressure foot for your machine. Also a pressure foot for stitching heavy fabrics if you have one.

· RNK Turning tool

· Spray Starch

· 4” length of extra wide double fold bias tape or grosgrain ribbon

Download your instructions below:

Cathedral Window pot holder
Download PDF • 4.03MB

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