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Clarrisa's Corner March 30

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Join Clarrisa Gossett as she walks you through creating continuous embroidery. You'll learn how to set positioning in Floriani Total Control as well as how to reposition your hooping without disrupting your design motif.

Download files below:

continuous design.waf
Download ZIP • 176KB

continuous embroidery.pdf
Download ZIP • 1.34MB

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2 bình luận

Clarrisa is an excellent teacher! Learned a lot from this class. Thanks!


30 thg 3, 2023

This would be perfect if we were as skilled with the software as she is .. Could not follow the process as she moved to quickly thru FTCU.

I need to learn more about it to be successful. THe overall design was so cute and I loved it.

I also did not know you could get a PDF of all the Free designs.. Headed to the Club to download that..

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