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Fishing Buddies T-Shirt

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Ready for an adorable project for your kiddos to match Dad?

Hope and Kim Towne made a super cute fishing buddies t-shirt by using the embroidery design off of the "Camping Silhouette" Design CD. After taking the SVG, Kim used Craft N Cut, and the Knockout feature to finalize her look and proceeded to make this masterpiece!

We always recommend using our Embellish T-Shirt Centering Tool for unique vinyl projects like this! To make the design work in your Craft N Cut, you must do the black and white vinyl separate, and be super careful lining it up! Pre-press your t-shirt, use the t-shirt centering ruler after your design is to your preference, and press according to your heat press manufactures suggestions. The best part? You can make father-daughter/son t-shirts just in time for Father's Day! Share with us your creations!

Get your CD on Sale Here: (Must put local dealers name to receive credit at checkout)

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