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Garden Seed Label Sticks

It's Gardening Themed Week! Kathi Quinn has brought us an amazing DIY Garden Seed Labeling Stick Project using FTCU!


  • Floriani Perfect Stick CUTAWAY

  • Oil Cloth (I upcycledfeed bags from chicken food)

  • Floriani Embroidery Thread

  • Floriani Stitch Perfection Tape

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Stick (popsicle, Shish Kabob stick, plastic...) for stake.Guest Appearances from:

  • Quilter’s Select 60mm Rotary Cutter

  • Quilter’s Select Cutting Mat

  • Quilter’s Select Ruler


  • Hoop Floriani Perfect Stick CUTAWAY.Remove protective paper exposing adhesive.

  • Stick down oil cloth or feed bag in hoop to embroidery label on. Embroider label design stopping before last color. (Watch software video to create your own.)

  • Take hoop off the machine DO NOT remove from hoop.

  • Turn hoop to the back.

  • Place label back and tape in place with Floriani Embroidery Perfection Tape.

  • Stitch out last color attaching the label back to label front.

  • Remove from hoop.

  • Trim label 1/8” around outside stitching line.

  • Using hot glue gun attach stake to the back.

Here is the software video:

Here is the lesson video:

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Not able to view the software video - message "video is unavailable - this video is private". Is it posted somewhere else? Thanks - looks like a fun project


Jun 18, 2020

Great idea!!! Where can we get the patterns?

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