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Queen Elsa Costume

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Whether you are a sewer, quilter, seamstress, or embroiderer, you will fall in love with this one of a kind costume made by Casey Renee Cosplay (@caseyreneecosplay).

First let's talk supplies for this project:

"I have a million or so feelings about this dress, it just further reminded me why I prefer making things with corsets and hoops and petticoats galore. At least I stuck to it despite trying to give up a few dozen times....I love the embroidery I made for this costume, it's probably my favorite part and also happens to be the part I was most terrified of going into this project. I used Mylar from Embellish to give it that sparkle paired with Floriani Embroidery thread "Lamp Light" PF0850 stitched out on my Janome Sewing Machines MB7 I learned so much and honestly am beginning to fall in love with machine embroidery."

So, we thought we would share the beautifully-amazing journey of Casey creating her stunning costume! Follow the story below!

"Yesterday I spent the day playing with the embroidery on Spirit Elsa, pardon the purple thread I ran out of white and I didn’t want to waste my actual satin that I’ll be using for the runes so I stitched out on white. The Mylar works so well with the snowflake and the details I want to do on the bodice. For the actual dress I’ll be using silky satin by @shannonfabrics I’ll be sharing the official fabric later this week. @florianiembroidery thread paired with @embellish.rnk Mylar for the bodice embroidery details..."

Follow the video for the official embroidery tutorial:

Then, of course, she created her own patterns! You can purchase the patterns at the following link and watch the video below to learn her magical ways of imagining the Elsa dress in the making! Buy the patterns here!

Next, was the part where we truly started fan-girling, the bodice! The details and passion that Casey put into this project is honestly, unreal. But, it helped us see her creation in the making! The embroidery was done on Shannon Fabrics Silky Satin and Embellish's Mylar for that gorgeous sparkle on her Janome machines. Here is a slideshow of her step-by-step process embroidering the bodice.

You can also view the tutorial here:

Now this next part, may be my favorite part.. Why? Because it's so creative! We love seeing when creative people take it one step further and "play" with new techniques that either do or do not involve sewing. This technique didn't involve sewing, but it did involve dip dye!

"Elsa skirt dip dye! I’m back to working on projects today after a nice 3 day break (who even am I?!?) and I’m super hype to get Elsa finished this week!"

Now, I am sure you want to know how to make that skirt, right? Shannon Fabrics played a big part in the skirt. As you well know, when creating a project so intricate as an Elsa costume, it becomes like a recipe. You must have all the right components for it to have the best result! Shannon Fabrics Silky Satin was that perfect cherry on top of this costume as it gave a particular elegance to the final product.

Finally, the first real-deal-reveal that had our jaws dropping! Casey had the office of RNK raving about the detailed work that she put into this. There is not a doubt that she put her heart and soul into the making of Queen Elsa's dress.

Take a look at the arms of the bodice. See those little gorgeous rhinestones leading up to the embroidered snowflake? Now imagine single-handily placing those rhinestones... Casey, we applaud you for this portion of the project alone. Can you spot the other intricate placements of rhinestones from this close-up shot? Amazing, right?! Can we all agree that Casey is a Queen of crafting in real life?

I guess you could say that we are rating this a 300/10 project! Sewing, Embroidery, Embellishing, Quilting, and Creating your own one-of-a-kind projects is something extraordinary. We are so grateful to experience this journey with Casey! See the final project photos below, and catch Casey Renee Cosplay on a special edition of Sweet Dreams from RNK on Thursday, July 30th, at 7 PM EDT.

Disclaimer: All photos and videos in this blog were taken and belong to @caseyreneecosplay

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