Reversible Pillow Band

This is something so unique, with lots of techniques, and we know you're going to love it!

Okay, to begin this fun project, lets see the four designs that you will be making for this pillow band:

What an easy way to turn a neutral pillow into a holiday pillow! There a lot of options for creating this band. You can embroider, applique, decorative stitch or use heat transfer vinyl to decorate the band. You can choose to decorate the front and back of the band or just one side. When you reverse the band you can decorate it with another holiday!

Included with this project are 2 designs!

Watch the included video to see how the Tree design was created!

The other embroidery designs are from the Floriani “Fall Abstracts” design collection and the Floriani “Holiday Ornaments” design collection.

give thanks
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christmas trees
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