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Wyoming State Flower

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Today's a great day for a Floriani State Flower! This week we are celebrating the great state of Wyoming! You can download your free design, project instructions, and koozie pattern below!

Koozie Pattern:

Koozie Pattern
Download PDF • 99KB

Koozie Instructions:

Download PDF • 219KB

Download your Wyoming state flower design in the link below:

Download all past designs in the link below or visit our blog page for designs and instructions:

Don't forget to join our Facebook Group and share your creations:

With our Floriani State Flower series "Sketching Across America" coming to a close at the end of December 2021, we want to know what you would like to see for our next series in 2022! Email us your ideas, and we will hit the drawing board!

Now, who's ready for some fun facts about Wyoming?!

Fun Facts About Wyoming:

  1. The JCPenney stores were started in Kemmerer.

  2. The largest coal mine in the USA is Black Thunder located near Wright.

  3. The Red Desert in south central Wyoming drains neither to the east nor to the west. The continental divide splits and goes around the desert on all sides leaving the basin without normal drainage.

  4. The Horse on the Wyoming license plate has a name, “Old Steamboat”.

  5. The state has 7 national parks and 12 state parks

  6. Rodeo became the official state sport of Wyoming in 2003.

We hope you loved this design, project, and of course the fun facts! Come back next week for another new release! Until next time, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating!

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1 Comment

Oct 30, 2021

Are you aware yet that Indian is spelled wrong on the pes file and the waf file that went with it for Wyoming Indian Paintbrush words?

I posted this in the FB group page as well. I just wanted to be sure someone found it.

Love your designs!

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