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For Floriani, Embellish, RNK, Quilters Select, & Cosplay


Create beautiful content for the brand('s) you represent! From sewing, upcycling, quilting, and embroidering!


Blast it on your social media! Tell others about your new passion using our products and promote them!


Write your project instructions to be featured on our blog, social posts, or features!


 Encourage other ambassadors and help us get the conversation flowing! Interact with posts and see the creativity in our pages!

Our Brands


Floriani has developed it’s story since the early 1900’s, and became a brand in the early 2000’s!  It is a high-end brand with stabilizers, thread, tools, battings and more! Read our story here:


Embellish is the new and modern way to create!  With stabilizers, threads, tools, and your favorite embroidery designs!  We have a fun, project kit that was launched in 2020! Check it out here:

Quilters Select

Quilters Select strives to provide modern and efficient mats, rulers, rotary cutters, batting and stabilizers created with the input of the amazing Alex Anderson.  QS is loved by thousands!

RNK Distributing

Our parent company also has amazing products! These products are often featured in a specific branded project, as they serve a great purpose! 

Get ready to create, dream, and use wonderful products to inspire others! What will you create when you become an RNK Distributing Ambassador?


Become an Ambassador

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. We are excited to get to know you and create beautiful content, inspire others, and have a community of crafters!

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