Back to the Basics by Kay Brooks

If you know Kay Brooks, known as Kayly, she is the "K" in RNK Distributing! Her experience in the sewing and embroidery industry is elite, and her knowledge is immense! Kay wanted to share a little bit of her knowledge on the Floriani Stabilizers! Follow along below!

Learning to stabilizer fabrics properly for embroidery or embellishment can be overwhelming! A poor choice could result in puckers or a ruined project. There are also many factors that go into the decision process: fabric type, design size, design density, thread, etc.

At RNK we have many choices of products to help make your embroidery experience as perfect as possible! I am often asked why we do not make a spray adhesive for any of our brands. If you have ever attended one of my classes or seen my videos you will know I am not a fan. Spray adhesives are very messy, odor/allergy prone and do not “stabilize”.

In the 90’s when the embroidery craze hit the home market, spray adhesive was very popular but we quickly learned it was not the best path to good embroidery. PLUS it made a mess of the machines and hoops, not to mention what gets on your carpet, walls, cabinets, etc. The idea was to spray your stabilizer and then stick it to your fabric and hoop - the problem here is spray adhesive only “spot tacks”, so the embroidery can still push and pull the fibers of the fabric.

The very best way to stabilize your fabric (w