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Bandana Picnic Table Topper

Here is yet another #diy just for you! It is BBQ/Picnic week and we are so excited to share this with you!

Clarissa made this amazing project for you! Download the printable instructions below:

Burlap Bandana Project
Download PDF • 163KB


• 3 1/8 yards of 44” wide burlap - when they cut it

make sure they pull a thread to get the grain straight

• Four 21 ½ to 22” bandannas

• Spool of Quilters Select® Invisible thread

• Roll of 1” wide Wet N Gone® Tacky tape

• Roll of ½” wide Quilters Select Appli-Stick Tape

• Spool of standard sewing thread

1. Wind bobbin with standard sewing thread. Thread needle with invisible thread.

2. Loosen upper tension. I went down to about a 2.5.

3. Press all bandannas.

4. Make sure the end of the burlap is on grain. Measure along selvage 54”, clip and pull

thread across width of fabric. Cut on pulled thread line. Measure 54” again, pull and cut

another piece. You will have a little extra burlap. Press burlap pieces. It doesn’t have to

be perfect but press out any creases. I found spritzing with water helps.


1. Lay the edges of two bandannas side to side. On the back side, use the wet n gone

tacky tape to tape the two bandannas together. From the right side, with a wide and

long zig-zag (I set my machine width at 5 and length at 5) zig-zag the two bandannas

together. Repeat for remaining bandannas.

2. Lay above two pieces side by side, on the back side tape the center where the

bandannas intersect with a small piece of wet n gone tacky tape. Tape half of the rest

and zig-zag together from the front. Tape the remaining half and stitch again.

3. Fuse ½” appli-stick tape around entire outside edge of the bandannas.


1. Measure from selvage across width of each piece of fabric to 27”. Clip and pull a

thread. Cut on thread pull line. You should now have two pieces of burlap 27”x 54”.

2. Fold each piece in half lengthwise and mark the center on one selvage. Fold again

in half to find the quarter and mark. You should have now both pieces with one selvage

marked into quarters.

3. Laying the marked burlap edges side by side, matching marks on each piece

as you stitch, start stitching about 1 ½” from beginning and stitch two burlap pieces

together side by side. Finish stitching about 1 ½” from end. The 1 ½” will be the

area for the fringe.

4. Measure 5 ½” from all four edges, clip and pull a thread. DO NOT CUT on this line.

This will be the mark where you will place the bandannas.

5. Measure 1 ½” from your needle and place a tape on the bed of your machine

to mark a 1 ½’ seam.

6. Using the previous settings of your zig-zag, stitch around all 4 sides of the burlap,

pivoting 1 ½” from the corners. Leave the corners free of stitching so you can pull

threads for the fringe.


1. Pull the paper backing from the Appli-Stick tape on one edge of the bandanna piece.

2. Line up one side of the bandanna piece with one pulled thread line on the burlap.

Press from the front edge of the bandannas to adhere the Appli-Stick tape to the burlap.

I ended up laying the entire piece on the floor at this point to line up the remaining

sides. Zig-zag this one side using previous zig-zag settings. Repeat for 3 additional

sides. Hint-the Appli-Stick tape is sticky and reposition-able until you press it.

3. Pull threads on all four sides to 1 ½” stitching to make fringe.

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