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BBQ Mitt

We are ready for a BBQ this #LaborDay thanks to Kathi Quinn's latest tutorial!


Two pieces lining/cuff fabric cut 8 ½”X 14” (one for mitt front one for miss back.)

Two pieces top fabric 8 ½”X13

Four Pieces Floriani Embroidery Batting 8 ½” X 13”

Four Pieces RNK Hot and Cold Barrier Fleece 8 ½”X 13”

Floriani Variegated number 30 Red/White/Blue thread.

Floriani Thread to match design.

Cosplay Snips.

Quilter’s Select Glue Stick.

Floriani Wet N Gone Stabilizer.

Floriani Chrome Quilting Needle 75/11.

Floriani Chrome TOP STITCH Needles 80/12.

BBQ Mitt Designs
Download ZIP • 456KB

1. Hoop Wet N Gone in 8”X 12” Hoop or larger

2. Stitch out Mitt front placement lines.

3. Center Lining Fabric wrong side up aligning with top placement line.

4. Add one piece Floriani Embroidery Batting aligning with the top line.

5. Add two pieces barrier fleece wrong sides together

6. Add second piece of Floriani Embroidery Batting

7. Add top Fabric right side up.

8. Stitch out front stopping before last color to fold up binding.

9. Repeat with BBQ Mitt back. After stitching binding. Do not remove from hoop.

10.Pace Mitt front on Mitt back right sides together. CHANGE TO TOP STITCH NEEDLE.

11.Stitch front to back, trim, turn and wash away remaining stabilizer.

Get more amazing tutorials by Kathi quinn at

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