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Beach Pillow

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

To end beach week, we wanted to share this DIY Beach Pillow Project!

With the help of Emily, Sydney, and Beth, we made a fun flamingo pillow case cover! To start this process you will need the following:

  1. Fabric of your choice (we used enough for an 18" pillow)

  2. Zipper so that you can remove the pillow case and wash it as needed

  3. Embellish Heat Transfer Vinyl

  4. Thread of choice for sewing the pillow

  5. Heat Press

  6. Embellish Weeding tool

  7. Embellish T-Shirt Centering Ruler

After Beth, the Floriani Embroidery Manager, made us our pillow case, we pre-pressed the pillow case, then applied the SVG (which is below for free!) design that was cut on Embellish Heat Transfer Foil, pressed a few times, and tada! That's all! This is a super easy project that took approximately 30 minutes total.

We hope you enjoyed beach week! Look out for next week as we help you create amazing Father's Day Gifts!

Here is the TikTok video we made to show you how it's created:

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