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Beach Ready Accessories!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

We all know that we HAVE to dress adorable for our beach trips! So, why not make our own accessories?

When creating Free Standing Lace Earrings, make sure that the design you have chosen is designed to be free standing lace, if it is not, you can still use it however you will need to use a piece of organza to support the stitches.

Choose your thread colors, I chose Floriani 40 weight thread for the top and bobbin. Hoop 2 layers Floriani Wet N Gone or Embellish Rinse Away Mesh, load your design into you machine, and stitch. If you need to add organza, you will hoop it on top of your wet n gone.

Once you design is complete, remove from hoop and trim away as much of the Wet n Gone/ Rinse Away Mesh as you can. To remove the remaining Wet n Gone/ Rinse Away Mesh just rinse it out. If you want your earrings to be a little stiffer, just wet enough to remove it completely from the open spaces. Allow to dry.

Once it is dried add your favorite earring finding and you now have a new pair of earrings!

Here are a few other jewelry creations that Beth made for this amazing collection:

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