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Bridal Party Gift Sachet

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Ready for a beautiful lavender scented gift by Clarrisa?


2 Cocktail Napkins- Mine were 6”x6”- I purchased these from “All About Blanks”. (

Lavender, rice with essential oil, potpourri, downy bath beads or anything you choose to put in your sachet

1/8 yard of neutral fabric or scrap 4x11” for an inner pouch for scent

Embroidery Design to fit the center of Napkin. My design was from the free monthly designs in Floriani Total Control Software, May 2014. I resized it in the software to be 2 ¼”x3”.

7”x10” piece of Floriani Wet n Gone Tacky

Small piece of a water-soluble topper to cover your design

(Optional) Quilter’s Select Perfect Cotton thread in colors to stitch out your embroidery design- Yes! I said Quilter’s Select cotton thread for embroidery! This thread has a polyester core with cotton heat sealed to the core on the outside which makes it strong enough for embroidery. Since your design is small the weight of the Quilter’s Select Perfect Cotton thread is a great weight for the smaller design and it gives your design a Matte finish!

If you choose not to use the Quilter’s Select thread you will need Floriani embroidery thread for your design.

4” of 5/8” wide Velcro

5/8 yard of ¼” wide ribbon

Standard Sewing thread to coordinate with the ribbon

Standard Sewing thread to stitch Velcro and inner pouch

Water Soluble fabric marker

Quilter’s Select Glue Stick


1. I find it very helpful to print a full-size template of your embroidery design from your software. I printed my template in black and white. Since the area you are embroidering is small you want the design to fit. I darkened the vertical and horizontal lines on the template with my fabric marker.

2. Place the template behind the napkin if your napkin is white as you can see through it. If not white, cut out the design printed on your template and place it on top of your napkin. Either way, mark the vertical and horizontal centers onto your napkin from your template. My napkins weren’t perfectly square so my marks weren’t exactly in the corners of my napkin.

3. Hoop the Wet n Gone Tacky paper side up in the smallest hoop to fit your design. It’s always best to use the hoop closest in size to your design so you have less chance of the stabilizer and design shifting in your hoop. Score the paper in the hoop and remove the paper to expose the sticky on the stabilizer.

4. With your water-soluble marker, using the marks on your hoop, mark the vertical and horizontal lines on the Wet n Gone Tacky.

5. Fold your napkin along the marked horizontal line from the back. Holding the napkin over the Wet n Gone Tacky in the hoop, line up the horizontal center and vertical center and stick to the Wet n Gone Tacky. Unfold and place the other side of the napkin.

6. Place a piece of water-soluble topper on top and embroider your design.

7. Tear away excess water-soluble topper and being careful to not cut the napkin, pull the napkin away from the Wet n Gone tacky, and trim around the design.

8. Run napkin under cool water to remove remaining Wet n Gone Tacky, water-soluble topper, and marks. Rub with fingers to remove. Let dry. If you are in a hurry, place a terry towel on your ironing surface, smooth out and place a napkin on top of the towel and place a pressing cloth on top. Press holding the iron in place to dry napkin.

Inner pouch construction:

1. Cut 2 pieces of neutral colored fabric 4”x4”.

2. Place both pieces right sides together and stitch around 3 sides with the width of your pressure foot as seam allowance.

3. Turn right sides out.

4. Stuff with your choice of scented item.

5. Place open ends together and zig-zag end closed.

Sachet construction:

1. Determine which edges of the napkins fit together best. Since the napkins aren’t perfectly square you will need to find how they fit together best. Place the 2 napkins wrong sides together and see how well they fit together. Continue turning the napkins until they fit together best. Mark on each napkin in one corner, matching which direction fits together best.

2. Take the loop side and hook side separately of the Velcro and cut in half lengthwise to make a long narrow piece of Velcro.

3. Thread your machine and wind a bobbin in the thread to stitch the Velcro.

4. Stitch the hook side of the cut piece of Velcro on the backside of one inner edge of the napkin along the pulled thread area of the napkin. Edgestitch around all edges of the Velcro.

5. Using the marks you made to fit the napkins together best, place the 2 napkins wrong sides together matching the marks. This will determine the side you will sew the Velcro on for the front side. On the top napkin (the one with the embroidery) place a pin on the same side the Velcro is on the back.

6. On the backside of the top napkin and the side where you placed the pin, sew the loop side of the cut Velcro along an inner edge where the pulled thread area of the napkin is. Edgestitch around all edges of the Velcro.

7. From the right side of the top napkin, place a line of Quilter’s Select glue along the pulled thread area around all 4 sides. Place ribbon on top of the pulled thread area where you placed the glue, mitering at the corners around all 4 sides. Start at the corner where you would like to place a bow. Fold the end under.

8. Change needle thread on your machine to coordinate with your ribbon.

9. Stitch along both edges of the ribbon around all 4 sides.

10. Place both napkins wrong side together, sticking Velcro together. Using your Quilter’s Select Glue Stick, glue on the backside of one napkin along the pulled thread area around the 3 sides without the Velcro. Glue both napkins together.

11. Stitch again on the top, through all layers, along the previous outside line of stitching of your ribbon leaving the Velcro side unstitched.

12. Tie a little bow and using your Quilter’s Select Glue Stick, glue it to the corner where you started your ribbon placement. Using a medium width zig-zag and 0 stitch length, tack it to the corner.

13. Slip your inner pouch inside and Velcro shut.

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