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Camp More, Worry Less

A free SVG to start out the week? Yes, please!

This project is what I would call a semi-fail. Not altogether perfect, but also not terrible. Then again, I'm a perfectionist and definitely my harshest critic. But you know what, I love the final product, and that's all that matters!

Hi I'm Emily, and I absolutely LOVE using the gold glitter vinyl from the Sew Much Cosplay line. It adds the perfect amount of pizzazz to any design. If you're a glitter gal (or guy), you can use glitter vinyl for the words too! You know what, make the whole thing with glitter if it's your heart's desire. You do you, boo-boo! I personally chose Embellish's black HTV for my lantern and words to make the glitter flame really pop.

This SVG would be so cute on anything in your camp (or glamp, if you're like me) site! On the back of a camping chair, a blanket to cover up with by the fire, or even on a cooler! I found this wood sign at Walmart for a whopping $5 and thought it would be perfect to hang in the camping trailer.

I have yet to perfect the art of ironing HTV onto wood, but this project is proof that I'm getting better! Honestly, my fault is my patience. Patience is key here, friends.

For this project, I centered my HTV onto the board while my iron was heating up. I used the wool setting with no steam. Make sure that you use a Teflon sheet or a pressing cloth so that you don't melt the HTV too much. This is where patience comes in. It takes a few good presses all over to get the HTV to really stick to the wood, but once it's on there it won't budge.

I pressed my design over the gaps, and then carefully used an Exacto knife to cut the HTV and reveal the spacing in the planks. (Check out the video for a great example on how not to use an Exacto knife!) This was a harder task than I anticipated, so again, patience. Overall, I'm happy with how this project turned out and I think it will look great in the camping trailer!

I love the reminder to worry less! Even while camping and getting away from it all, I still struggle to turn off the worry side of my brain. I definitely need this reminder to just sit back by the fire and enjoy the moment.

Here's the free SVG!

Happy crafting, friends!

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