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Catch-All Tray

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

This week, we are excited to create a catch-all tray on Coffee with Cookie! Join Cookie Gaynor on Wednesday at 4:30 PM EST on our Embellish Embroidery page for a LIVE tutorial! Follow the link to see the LIVE on Wednesday:

First things first, let's talk about what we are creating! This handy catch-all tray is perfect for the classroom, entry hall of your home, desk at work, or your craft room. It folds flat for travel and is very sturdy with deep sides.

The design in the background shows how different the design can look using a multi-color thread. The tray is not limited to those with an 8” x 8” minimum embroidery area, as we will be sewing it together. Those with smaller hoops can use designs on their machines and still do this project.

Now, let's download our Embroidery Files below:

Download ZIP • 239KB

Next, let's download the Template Files:

Download ZIP • 489KB

Finally our Printable Directions:

Download ZIP • 812KB

We hope to see you this Wednesday for the new episode of Coffee with Cookie to learn how to create this durable and portable catch-all tray! Until next time, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating, Everyone!

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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2022

How do I view this class? I am in the Mountain Time Zone.

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