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Check the Trash with Cookie Gaynor

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Cookie Gaynor is ready for a new episode of Coffee with Cookie today at 4:30 PM EST! Today, Cookie will be teaching us how to create a beautiful the hoop project below! Download all of your assets in the blog below!

Download your embroidery designs below:

Download ZIP • 229KB

Download your template below:

Download PDF • 787KB

Download your Directions Checklist below:

Download PDF • 425KB

Join Cookie at 4:30 PM EST on our Embellish Embroidery Page by using the link below:

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1 comentário

I love the State and Province set that was given out. I looked for the facts page every week, too. Some of those were pretty funny. Thank you for making this set available. Will there be anything like this in the future?

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