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Coffee with Cookie Black Cat

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's a magical Wednesday, and that means it's time for Coffee with Cookie! This week, Cookie is getting us ready for the Halloween Season with a spook-takular black cat!

Download your enchanted instructions in the pdf below:

Magical Moment with Embellish-Updated
Download PDF • 660KB

Up next, download your fang-tastic designs:

Download ZIP • 276KB

Now, how about we celebrate the Fall season by learning a few new things to inspire our projects?!

  1. Candy Corn was originally called Chicken Feed. **Raise your hand if you love candy corn as much as we do!**

  2. In Keene, NH, they put a display of over 30,000 lit jack-o-laterns!

  3. Candy wasn't given out for Trick-or-Treaters until the 1950's!

So what is your favorite thing about Fall and Halloween? Comment on our post or reply to the email and let us know! We would love to feature of few of your favorite things on our next blog!

Don't forget to join Clarrisa's Corner at 4:30 PM EDT for this special tutorial! Follow the link below to view it LIVE or replay the tutorial!

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The best thing about Fall especially this year is my husband and I celebrate our 50 Wedding Anniversary on November 20th. That is why I love Fall!


Pam Villers
Pam Villers
Sep 08, 2021

Love the black cat!

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