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It's Contest Time!

It's contest time! This contest is special and the prizes are huge. Are you ready to win?!

Have you ever heard of Photo Play? It's our latest FREE software! It's simple to use and changes your photos to either a beautiful filter, or if you want to stitch them out, bring the file into FTCU and create your beautiful masterpiece!

Now, what we all want to know, the prizes!!! This is the biggest contest we have ever held, so of course we need HUGE prizes!

Our 12 amazing prizes that we know you're excited about:

  1. FTCU software

  2. Total Quilter software

  3. Spectrum Thread Set with Rainbow software

  4. Sketch A Stitch software

  5. Lettering Master software

  6. My Design Album software

  7. Creative Thread Set

  8. Floriani Family Legacy Box Set

  9. Stabilizer Rack

  10. Thread Rack

  11. Fundamentals Stabilizer Kit or similar

  12. 12 wt Thread Set

I know what you're thinking... We must be crazy to give away so many prizes!! Well what if you don't know how to use Floriani's Photo Play? Here's Trevor Conquergood to show you how to use it!!


  1. Complete the submission form with your photo play examples!

  2. Go to our Facebook page Floriani Embroidery (or follow the link below) to like, comment, and share our contest post!

That's all it takes! You could be 1 of 12 winners with your photo play submissions! We can't wait to see your artwork, photos, and Photo Play creations! Contest winners will be announced on December 11th, 2020.

Here are a few examples that Trevor Conquergood has made for you!

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1 Comment

Nov 10, 2020

Love all the products

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