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Cork Mug Rug

I have been sewing a lot with cork lately and have a few leftover pieces so I’m looking for small projects that I can do to use them. Hi, I’m Susan from Sewfeet and in this post, I have a quick project for you using some of my cork leftovers. Because cork is stain- and water-resistant, it’s a good choice for coasters and mug rugs so keep reading to see how I made a mug rug in 15 minutes!


  • Wool felt, 9” x 7”

  • Wool felt ¾” wide strips, two, 9” long and two, 5 ½” long

  • Thread in a color that matches the wool felt

  • Quilters Select Sewing Clips (to use instead of pins). Do not use pins as they leave holes in the cork.

  • Cork fabric, 9” x 7” - I’m using cork from RNK Distributing. They have several prints from which to choose, and this flower garden is one of my favorites. RNK Distributing sells wholesale only to their retail dealers so CLICK HERE to see who sells their products in your area.

Border Pieces

Align the 9” strips along the upper and lower edges of the cork, using clips to hold them in place. Stitch along the inside edge of each one.

Repeat with the 5 ½” strips on the sides. Place the cork piece on top of the wool felt rectangle and clip them together. Note: You can use glue stick on the back of the cork to hold it flat against the wool felt if desired. If needed, trim the edges slightly to “square up” the mug rug. Edgestitch along all four outer edges of the borders.

More Cork Fun!

CLICK HERE to see more information about sewing with cork and HERE to find instructions for making a decorative pillow using cork fabric.

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