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Cosplay Pockets

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It is time to create your medieval or war reenactment cosplay for all the festivals, so let's create a functional pocket to carry your accessories in style! Follow along below!

Susan has created a beautiful pocket design for French and Indian War reenactment. She used Floriani Thread, Floriani Dream Weave Ultra, Floriani Perfect Stick, and Water Soluble Topping. Here's a little note with History about this beautiful reenactment costume from Susan, herself:

"It was the 18th Century. It was the French and Cherokee vs. the British. The thistle was a symbol of the British King, King George III. The hat is called a tricorne and under it is a mop cap. After a certain age males and females did not go

into public without having a head covering.

The “shirt” is also sleepwear and the undergarment. It is referred to as a chemise or a shift. Aprons and knives were worn for utilitarian purposes while working in the kitchen. I had always heard around the fort that in the colonies, women wore pockets on the outside of their skirts with ornate embroidery to show eligible suiters that they had a profitable skill they could bring to the marriage. This would seem attractive to men. After the woman is married she then wears her pockets on the inside of her skirt to show that she is taken. There were slits on each side of her skirt allowing access to the pockets."

Follow the Facebook link to see where Susan will debut her new pockets:

Isn't it fun to learn the History and inspiration that goes into each and every cosplay costume? We would love to see your creations through our Facebook Group, or you can apply to become an ambassador that creates content for our blog and social media platforms with the link below!

You can view the final stitch-out video, of the pocket, from Susan below!

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Can you share what embroidery design was used for this? My daughter is a fan of thistle art.


Is there a way to find the pattern for this? I love it!

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