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Cozy Cottage Core Apron

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Casey Renee Cosplay Cozy

Cottage Core Apron

Hello friends, Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to make our way outside and onto some grand adventures. What better way to work out in the garden or take a stroll in a field of flowers than donning a cute spring inspired apron. This apron features embroidery and detail stitches that compliment the eyelet fabric. Neither detail is necessary but I will include the steps for those that would like to do the same.

Time 4-6 Hours

Level Beginner


  • 11/4 yd cotton eyelet fabric

  • 1 yd cotton

  • Floriani Heat N Stay

  • Floriani Embroidery Thread

  • ¼” Stitch Perfection Tape

  • Powerboost Lining

Download your printable instructions below:

Cozy Cottagecore Apron
Download PDF • 3.61MB


Just to start out I have created a FREE printable template for this Apron based on my size so adjustments might need to be made mostly for height, ties and bodice coverage.

  1. Pockets

I chose to embroidery my Pockets, I just found a pretty flower design that was already loaded on my machine. Since my eyelet fabric had white thread on the white cotton lawn I chose a white thread for my embroidery.

Using my cotton fabric (not eyelet fabric) I applied a layer of Heat N Stay on the back of cotton, my design is not dense at all but if your design is dense try adding Floriani Water Soluble or Heat N Gone Topping.

Since the pattern piece is about 8” by 8” it’s best if the embroidery is smaller than that. Once your embroidery is done, it’s time to mark and cut the pattern piece.

Apply Power Boost lining to the back of the pocket. For embroidery this will help the back from feeling scratchy or catching on items in the pocket. For a pocket without embroidery this will just add a bit of strength and body to the pocket so that it works better to hold goodies in your pocket.

To clean the edge of the fabric and overlock stitch or zig zag stitch can be used. Finally, it’s time to fold and sew the top down 1” and then fold and press the other 3 sides ½”.

  1. Apron Skirt and Waist

I cut my skirt piece on the salvage of the fabric so I did not need to do anything to the sides of it. I did roll the bottom hem just two ½” segments rolled up and this can be done to the side pieces if needed. Sew down the pocket pieces as marked on the pattern or adjust them to your own desire.

Gather the top of the apron down by sewing a long stitch length without a backstitch, I gathered mine to 20” and secure stitch the gathers.

If needed, cut the waistband in multiple pieces of fabric and then sew them to make two long strips at 60” each. With the right sides of the waistband facing the apron skirt, I stitched the bottom stitching of the waistband sandwiching the apron on the bottom edge as well as the side edges of the waistband. I used the center points of both the waistband and the apron skirt to line the pieces up. Once stitched I flipped the waistband up and pressed it, then pressed the top edge of the waistband in ½” and placed a pin in the center front to return to once it’s time to add the bodice.

  1. Bodice

Roll the top edge of the bodice like you did with the bottom edge of the apron skirt.

Like with the waistband, sew the strips of the straps together if needed to make 4 separate strips about 18” long. Then sew the right sides of the strips onto the bodice front sandwiching the bodice.

Fold the edges of the straps away from the bodice and fold the edges ½” in to prepare for the ruffles.

  1. Ruffles

Sew the ruffle strips together to create the two ruffles. Pick one side of the ruffle Fold ½” in and press, fold another ½” in and press. If you are not adding a detail stitch you can just stitch this down and move on to adding the ruffle. If you are adding a detail stitch grab some stitch perfection tape at ¼” width and place it about an ⅛” away from the 2nd fold on the wide part of the ruffle.

Take off the backing of the tape and fold over the pressed fabric and press that down. Now you are ready to detail stitch your ruffle without adding a stitch line or dealing with pins.

Fold each short edge of the straps then gather down the long raw edge.

  1. Attach the Ruffles to the straps

Sew a ruffle onto the strap by placing the ruffle into the folded strap, pin it in place and top stitch it down.

  1. Attach Bodice to Skirt

Sew the bodice to the skirt in the exact manner the ruffles were stitched into the straps, place the bodice center front into the waistband center front. Pin both sides of the waistband in a sandwich manner around the bottom of the bodice.

  1. Buttons

Try the apron on to find the best placement for buttons and buttonholes. I placed my buttonholes on my waistband and my buttons on my straps.


Don’t forget sewing is fun and there is no right or wrong way to sew just do what works best for you and if you sew over your pins don’t share it on the internet.

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1 Comment

Anna Hester
Anna Hester
Mar 22, 2021

Thank you so much for this project and all of the projects you give to me. I love my software

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