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Create A Father's Day Koozie

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

It's Father's Day Week! We are so excited for our new themed weeks! To kick things off the famous Kathi Quinn, with our Progressive Classroom, made a unique and fun koozie project!

Here are the step by step instructions and supplies needed for this project:

1. Floriani FTC-U Software or alternate design.

2. Floriani Perfect Stick Cutaway.

3. Floriani Water Soluble Topping.

4. Floriani Template Tearaway.

5. Create U-Design It Stick Figure.

6. Hoop Floriani perfect Stick Cutaway.

7. Place printed Template Tearaway on your cozy for perfect placement.

8. Adhere cozy using template tearaway to center cozy on the perfect Stick Cutaway.

9. Remove Template Tearaway from cozy.

10. Place Floriani Water Soluble topping over design area.

11. Stitch out design.

12. Remove from hoop.

13. Carefully cut away your stabilizer from around the design.

14. Fold cozy right sides together stitch along edges of cozy with a straight stitch or serge.

15. Turn to right side, place bottle inside cozy.

16. For more projects visit the

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