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Create a Vinyl T-Shirt in 15 Minutes

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Last week, I was digging in my closet trying to find something to wear for memorial day.. We've all been there, right? Well, with my luck I found nothing! But, I did have a black sleeveless shirt, and some really cute Power Shine Glitter heat transfer vinyl by Sew Much Cosplay, a RNK Distributing brand!

So first things first.. I created the vinyl cut out that i wanted using the Embellish Vinyl Weeding Tool and their Scan N Cut! Next, I lined up the vinyl cut out with my T-Shirt Heat Transfer Vinyl Centering Ruler by Embellish. I prefer to use the RNK Pink Perfection Tape to secure the vinyl to the ruler so that I will get the design perfectly centered! Here's what the ruler and tape look like if you do not watch the video..

After my design is centered, I remove the ruler first and then the pink perfection tape. Now I am ready to press! In this tutorial, a heat press was used to ensure that any moisture was taken out and the vinyl was evenly applied with heat. I also used teflon to make sure the shirt or vinyl didn't burn or have damage. Finally, I peeled off the top layer of the vinyl to allow only the words to be on the shirt.

After these quick steps, the shirt is complete and ready for any southern gathering, patriotic picnic, or just a quick trip to target! This project was so quick and easy! Watch the video below to follow along how to make this patriotic shirt, perfect for any and all occasions!

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