Cupcake Toppers

Judy has created a fun #diy cupcake topper for everyone to make this Labor day!


  • Deco Magic or Stitch N Shape scraps

  • Novelty fabric (washed & dried)

  • Cupcakes or Cookies

  • Iron

  • Scissors


  1. Choose a Novelty fabric and rough cut around the design. Do not trim close to design yet.

  2. Fuse fabric to Deco Magic or Stitch N Shape, only 1 layer needed unless you do a oversized topper!

  3. Cut our design, and put on cupcake or cookies. You could also make larger toppers and put on a cake.

  4. If you want to have more fun add other decorations.

  5. After party, simply was the toppers and save for next time.

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