Cushy Laptop Sleeve

Clarrisa made another back to school project, and this one may be our favorite! Follow her instructions below to make your own laptop case!

Every laptop is a different size. I will be giving you instructions to measure and create a laptop sleeve for your laptop.


  • Fabric- Generally a ½ yard or less will be sufficient for most laptops. Instructions are below for exact measurement. I used a heavier 45” fabric. Denim or a home decorating fabric would also work well.

  • Sport or Purse zipper- Length will depend on your laptop. Measure the width of your laptop and add 2”. Purchase the closest size with longer being better than shorter.

  • 2 pieces of RNK Sew Fab Foam or Cosplay Super Structure Foam - The size will depend on the size of your laptop. You will cut these pieces the same size as the outside fabric which instructions are below.

  • Standard sewing thread to coordinate with outside fabric.