Dangly Cat Toy

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We have a purr-fect project for you today! Here is an adorable cat toy by Clarrisa:

Dangly Cat Toy
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· Two 1/8th yard pieces of Wool blend Felt

· Two pieces of Quilter’s Select Appli Web Plus- This stuff is amazing for Applique also!

· Digital Cutter

· Assorted Feathers about 4” long

· A couple of Jingle Bells

· 20” long, 3/4th wide dowel

· 1 ½ yard of small nylon cord- I found this in the Home Decorating Department for blinds

· Hot Glue Gun and Extra Glue

· Elmers Glue

· Large big eye yarn needle

· RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape-A MUST!

· Fray Block

Prepare Feather Bobble:

1. Cut a piece of felt about ¾”x3”.