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DIY Mask

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Ready to create your own mask? Join Kathi Quinn, a Floriani Educator, as she teaches you how to make your own mask at home! Create with RNK also has two bundles you can buy to create your personal mask! One of the bundles is medical grade, and the other is for personal use.

You can also view the slideshow of instructions here:

What you'll need:

WASH ALL FABRICS BEFORE MAKING MASK 2) 9”x10” 100% cotton fabric with Dream Weave Ultra fused to back 1) 9” x 10” No Show Mesh 2) 1/8” x 7 ½” elastic (or 7 ½” corded elastic) Wet N Gone Tacky Tape ½” Stitch Perfection Tape 1) Stitch N Wash Stabilizer or Tear Away Medium Stabilizer to fit largest Hoop

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