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Egg Oven Grabber

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

It's almost Easter! That means we need a craft that can be utilized as a home item, gift, or even just décor! Shinae, a Floriani Educator, has made an amazing project for us below!

Easter is one of America's biggest "gathering" holidays, where you know there will be great home-made food! Though this Easter may be different with smaller gatherings, or maybe you're staying at home, we still want you to cook in style!

Use these Egg Oven Grabbers to pull your dishes out of the oven, grab a mug of warm tea our of the microwave, hold your air-fryer basket as you prepare a meal, or place a few beside each other to be used as a hot plate for warm dishes on the table!

Download your free designs and project instructions below:

Download ZIP • 642KB
Egg Oven Grabber
Download PDF • 4.07MB

We hope you have a fantastic Easter Celebration, and as always, happy crafting!

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1 comentário

Kathy Hartwell
Kathy Hartwell
27 de mar. de 2021

Thank you for this very cute design.

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