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Embroidered Light Covers

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

We are excited for a new episode Clarrisa's Corner, this Thursday at 4:30 PM EDT! Follow the blog below to see how to create your very own light covers by Clarrisa Gossett!

First things first, let's download our printable instructions and design assets in the file below:

Light Covers
Download • 658KB

If you need a different file type than the .WAF's provided, we have a great FREE software just for you! It is called Creative Express! You can find out more information on this software at

You can also watch a tutorial from Clarrisa on transferring your files at:

Make sure to follow our Floriani Facebook page to view the LIVE tutorial this Thursday at: and be sure to join our Facebook groups for tips and inspiration!

Until next time, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating Everyone!

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