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Embroidery on Paper

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Did you miss Trevor Conquergood's lesson on embroidering on paper?

Trevor Conquergood, the software manager here at RNK Distributing, went live on our Floriani Embroidery Facebook Page to teach everyone how to embroider on paper. After he had finished his wonderful lesson, which you can view here, he decided to give a FREE design away to everyone who loves embroidery!

Download your free postcard design in the file below!

Download ZIP • 27KB

Remember to join us next week for two new episode of Coffee with Cookie, on our Embellish Embroidery Facebook Page, and Clarrisa's Corner on our Floriani Embroidery page!

If you want even more ways to learn and create, check out our current list of virtual events at:

Until next time, happy creating and happy sewing everyone!

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