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Florida State Flower

We're currently day dreaming about Florida and their warm weather! Can we borrow it please? This week is the Orange Blossom State Flower of Florida! Ready to get your free download? Scroll down below!

Project Photos
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This week, we have a fun DIY calendar project for you! Of course, we know that lots of the community is creating a state quilt, tea towels, wall-hanger, and more! But, we like to give you more options too!

What project ideas would you like to see next? Let us know and we will be happy to incorporate them into our state designs! We hope you have a great time creating! Now, who's ready for 5 fun facts?

Today's download:

All State Flower Design's:

Download ZIP • 5.96MB
  1. There are no dinosaur fossils in Florida

  2. Florida is the flattest state in America

  3. Florida is the largest producer of watermelons in the country. It also produces the most tomatoes, strawberries and sugar.

  4. It would make sense that mechanical refrigeration was invented in Florida. In 1851 Dr. John Gorrie of the little town of Apalachicola created the invention.

  5. Central Florida is the lightning capital of the USA.

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