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Fluffy Flower Towel Table Runner

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Here is a lovely table runner to adorn the head table at a wedding reception made by Clarrisa!


Kitchen Towels (not terry cloth)-I purchased mine from “All About Blanks”. (

The number depends on the finished size of the table runner you want. I used 2 that were 20”x27” each, making my table runner 20”x54”. Add more towels for a longer table runner.

½ yard of 58-60” wide lace

Roll of 1” wide Floriani Wet n Gone Tacky tape

Nylon tulle or Nylon Organza to stitch flowers. (I used one yard each of 2 different colors.)

Floriani Wet n Gone Stabilizer to fit hoop for stitching flowers

2 pieces of Floriani Heat n Sta Stabilizer 10”x13”

3D Freestanding Flower Embroidery Designs

Floriani Embroidery Thread for Monogram on ends and 3D Flowers

RNK Heat Craft Tool

Standard Sewing thread to coordinate with Lace fabric

Quilter’s Select Invisible thread

Quilter’s Select Glue Stick

Glue Gun and glue sticks

Water Soluble Fabric Marker

Embroidered Flowers:

I embroidered flowers that were about 3-4” wide. I stitched 12 total flowers, 6 for each end.

1. Prepare 3D flower designs in your software to put as many flower pieces as possible in your largest hoop. If your design has the option to stitch the flowers with or without the center, stitch only the top flower layer with the center leaving the remaining flower layers empty in the center. This will take out some of the bulk in the center. It takes a while to stitch out the flowers so start this first and while it’s stitching you can start preparing the table runner.

2. In the hoop layer, a piece of Wet n Gone on the bottom and a piece of organza or two pieces of tulle on top.

3. Stitch out your hoop full of flower pieces. Towards the end of stitching, plug in your RNK Heat Craft Tool to heat it up. LEAVE IN HOOP WHEN FINISHED.

4. Place the flower pieces with the hoop over a heat resistant surface such as a tile, mirror, or piece of glass. Using your Heat Craft Tool move around the outside perimeter of your flower pieces to remove excess organza or Tulle. I find it best to stay a little away from the edge of the stitching and keep the tool moving. If you melt a few threads on the edge it’s OK. The tool seals the stitches. See the link below for tips on using the Heat Craft Tool. At 2 minutes, 50 seconds on the video there are more tips.

5. Partially remove some of the Wet n Gone by running your flower pieces under cool water. LEAVE SOME OF THE WET N GONE IN.

6. To create texture for the flowers, take each flower piece and scrunch them up. Let each piece dry.

7. When the pieces are completely dry, gently pull them apart and shape them by flattening them out a bit. Layer each flower with its pieces.

8. Thread your Sewing Machine needle with the embroidery thread color you used to embroider the centers of the flowers. You can use standard thread in the bobbin.

9. Set your Sewing Machine for a medium width zig-zag and 0 stitch length. Holding the flower layers together, use the zig-zag stitch to tack all the layers together. Stitch in 4 places of the center around the edge of the center. Repeat for all flowers.

Table Runner Construction:

1. Determine how many towels you will be using. The more towels the longer the table runner.

2. Wind bobbin with standard sewing thread. Thread needle with Quilter’s Select invisible thread.

3. Lay 2 towels end to end (short side) backside up and tape them together using the Wet n Gone Tacky Tape. From the right side, with a wide and long zig zag (I set my machine width at 5 and length at 5) zig-zag the two towels together. Repeat for any additional towels if you chose to make your table runner longer.

4. Fussy cut one edge, across the width of your lace fabric if there is a pattern in your lace.

5. Across the width of your lace cut a piece 14” Width of Fabric.

6. Lay one end of lace piece over one end of the table runner with about a ½” extending past the end. If your lace has a symmetrical pattern, center the pattern side to side over the end.

7. Cut off sides of lace ½” past the towel on both side edges.

8. Pin lace to towel about every 4” around the 3 straight edges of the lace. Keep pins from extending into ½” lace edges.

9. Using your Quilter’s Select Glue Stick, glue the curved cut edge of the lace to the towel using just dots of glue every 2-4” depending on the pattern of your lace. The glue will be yellow when applied but will dry white.

10. Peel the paper from the back and place a piece of Floriani Wet n Gone Tacky Tape on one lace seam allowance with one edge of the tape where the towel edge is. This is why you don’t want the pins extending into the lace seam allowance.

11. Turn Wet n Gone Tacky tape to the back of the towel and stick down folding along the edge of the towel.

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for all sides.

13. Thread your Sewing Machine with Standard sewing thread in the top and the bobbin.

14. From the front, using a straight stitch, stitch using the width of your foot as a guide around the 3 straight edges. Set your machine to medium width, default length zig-zag, and stitch the curved edge of the lace to the towel.

15. Repeat steps 6-14 for the other end of the runner.


  1. Prepare your Monogram design in your software. I used the font “Monogram2” from Floriani Total Control Software. I made my font 4” tall and by making it so large there were very long satin stitches in the letters. I used the “fill” tab in the lettering properties box (tab looks like a star) and changed the default satin stitch to a fill pattern instead.

  2. Fold the towel in half lengthwise to find the vertical center. Mark with a water-soluble marker. Decide how high to place your monogram. With my 4” font I chose to make my horizontal center 4 ¼” from the bottom of the towel. Mark the horizontal center.

  3. Place a pin at each end of the marked vertical and horizontal centers.

  4. Turntable runner over. Fold the Heat n Sta stabilizer in fourths from the fusible side and crease on folds.

  5. Using the folds and the pins on the back of the towel, line up and center the Heat n Sta stabilizer piece on the back of the table runner and fuse.

  6. Using the marks on your hoop, center the marked monogram area in your hoop.

  7. If your design is over 10,000 stitches, float another piece of tearaway under the hoop. Float a piece of Water Soluble stabilizer on top to cover the stitched monogram area.

  8. Stitch out your monogram. Tear away excess water-soluble topper and Heat n Sta Stabilizer.

  9. Repeat steps 2-8 for the other end of the table runner.

Flower Placement:

  1. This is the creative part. Arrange your 3D flowers around the monogram.

  2. Once you have them arranged, slightly lift one flower at a time and mark with a water-soluble marker where the center of each flower is placed.

  3. Using your glue gun, glue each flower in the place where you marked.

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