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Foil Valentines

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

It's almost Valentines Day and our educator, Ashley Dell is not going to let you be empty handed! If you're ready to create your very own Foil Valentines, follow the blog!

"Holidays and special occasions seem to involve endless single use items such as wrapping paper, gift bags and cards, so let’s make one of these things re-usable and re-giftable (in a good way). I was shopping for Valentine’s Day stuff to send to my nephews and of course I encountered all the classroom Valentine’s Day cards, and there are some interesting alternatives to what I remember as a child.

I remember plain printed ones, and the little bags of candy that had the “to” and “from” preprinted on them. However, I didn’t find my favorite ones, the foil Valentine’s cards! They were like the plain paper ones but printed on a shiny foiled paper, now they have lenticular cards that look 3D, but I longed for the simple foil cards. I got to thinking about ways that I could make this happen and I wondered if I had what I already needed in my studio to create my own foil Valentine’s.

I’ve got lots of great coloring designs for paper embroidery, so that was my starting point. Embroidery on paper has been trending for some time now and it’s a really great way to show off your embroidery skills, but it would be nice if the time spent doing it resulted in a little more durable item. We’re going to swap out our materials and make a project that you’ll be proud of and may bring a little nostalgia to your day." - Ashley Dell

Download your printable instructions in the file below:

Download PDF • 527KB

We hope you love creating these foil Valentines, and share with us your creations too!

Valentines giving dates back to the mid 1800's, and this is an amazing way to create your very own, modern designs that are heartfelt and hand-made!

This project uses both our Floriani and Quilters Select products, so head over to our Facebook pages to join our groups and share your own Foil Valentines!

Until next time, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating Everyone!

And... Happy Valentines Day!!

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