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Garden Kneeling Pad

It's Gardening Week and we LOVE #diy projects! If you're like us, we like to upcycle everything, and take all of our "scraps" to create something new! For us, our project cost was exactly $6! Our sweet office worker, Paula, made it all by hand!

First let's talk about the materials you need:

  • 1 Yard of Oilcloth, or Paula used a tablecloth that she had around our house!

  • 3/4 Hook and Loop

  • 1" Vinyl Webbing

  • Embellish Fusible batting scraps or Old Towels and/or clothes to stuff the kneeling pad!

  • Coordinating Thread, we used Floriani 60 weight!

  • Velcro

  • Strap of choice

Now, let's talk tools:

  • Clips

  • Cosplay Purple Scissors

  • Quilters Select 60mm Rotary Cutter

  • Quilters Select 18" x 24" dual sided mat

  • Any Sewing Machine Will Do

Who's ready to create?

  1. Step 1: Cut oilcloth or tablecloth with the following dimensions:

23" x 11" (2) - top and bottom

23" x 5" - back

23" x 2.75" (2) - front with hook and loop

11" x 5" (2) - sides

Step 2: Cut the hook and loop to 21".

Step 3: Place one side of hook and loop to right side of one of the 23" x 2.75" pieces of oilcloth or tablecloth.

Step 4: Align to long edge and clip.

Step 5: Sew around hook and loop.

Step 6: Place opposite hook and loop on the wrong side edge of the matching piece of oilcloth or tablecloth.

Step 7: Clip and sew.

Step 8: Align pieces to close the hook and loop.

Step 9: Place one of the side pieces along the right edge with right sides together. Clip.

Step 10: Repeat with other side piece on left side.

Step 11: Sew along clips.

Step 12: Open seams.

Step 13: Place back piece on top with right sides together.

Step 14: Clip and sew.

Step 15: Repeat on opposite side.

Step 16: Lay on top of the bottom piece of oilcloth or tablecloth.

Step 17: Clip and sew around perimeter.

Step 18: Lift one side, and insert vinyl webbing curved into a handle shape.

Step 19: Clip at edges.

Step 20: Place the final piece of oilcloth or tablecloth on top.

Step 21: Clip and sew, ensuring you sew across the vinyl webbing that is sandwiched in between.

Step 22: Open hook and loop.

Step 23: Turn right side out.

Step 24: Fill with material cut into 2"-3" pieces.

Step 25: Close hook and loop.

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