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Gifts for Mom Part 1

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Okay let's be real.. This whole social distancing and quarantine is not fun. AT ALL! But, the good part about it, is that we get some extra time to do some crafting! This past Sunday was the Hallmark famous - Mother's Day! Here are a few ideas that our educators sent us that you can totally use for Mother's Day, Her Birthday, or just to tell mom you were thinking about her!

Let's start with something simple for you vinyl lovers! How about making a mug or travel mug for mom inspired by Hope Yoder?

Please follow the directions below to make this mug!

Products Used:


· Craft-N-Cut Software

· Mug

· Embellish® Heat Transfer Foil (black, fiesta, white, rose)

· Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool

· RNK Perfect Grip Tape

· RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape

· Heat Gun

· Oven


· Cut black HTF mirror-imaged using a built-in font from CNC

· From the SVG folder inside of “Sweet Scissor Case CD” open the SVG “FLOWER2” to replace the letter “O” in M

OM. Used 3 colors of foil to cut the three flower layers.

· Clean the mug and wipe with Isopropyl alcohol and let air dry. This removes finger oils.

· Weed the negative foil from all four colors of foil using the Vinyl Weeding Tool.

· Tape the black graphic to the cup. Wrap one hand with Perfect Grip Tape to protect from the heat as you push the foil into the cup after it’s heated.

· Use a heat gun to heat the foil and pat the foil with the protected hand. Repeat for a minute or two or until the foil releases from the clear carrier sheet and adheres to the cup. Allow the cup to cool. Foil must be cool before removing the carrier sheet.

· After the cup is cool, slowly remove the clear carrier sheet.

· Repeat the steps for the pink, red and white foil layers of the flower. Before applying heat to the next layer, cover the black foil with the discarded clear carrier sheet to prevent overheating of the black foil.

· When the cup is finished bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.

Or if you are feeling a cute little garden topper, here's another idea for you!

Shinae used Floriani 40 wt thread

Floriani stitch n shape taped in the hoop to perfect stick tear away

After cutting out the stitch n shape design she taped a coffee stirrer.

This was a May Floriani exclusive design

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