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Grillin' and Chillin' Outside Decor

So, these may be amazing!! We had so much fun making this.

First things first! Here's the things you need:

A premade hanging board from Hobby Lobby Retailed at $3.99.

Fun door knobs or accessories to hang. (We chose coke bottle cap knobs)

Embellish Heat Transfer Vinyl

An Iron

A Drill with Bits

That's It!

We first drilled the holes for this project with a proper drill bit, and made sure that the knobs would fit. Then, after we cut out the vinyl design, and used an iron to allow it to be placed. After that we used our Pampered Chef Grilling utensils to display! This is an easy 15 minute project that will make your back porch or grilling area have a brand new upgraded look!

Free SVG Below:

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