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Halloween Mask

We are {sew} excited for it to be Halloween time! Starting this month and through the month of October, we have lots of spooky decor and more for you! Today, Clarrisa has made easy super hero masks for you or your kiddos!


  • 1/8 yard of wool or wool blend felt or a piece 8”x 8”-to fuse the Deco Magic you will need heat and the wool felt can take the heat. Acrylic felt won’t work.

  • A 4”x8”piece of Deco Magic heavyweight

  • 15”-18” of ¼” wide elastic

  • Standard Sewing thread to coordinate with felt

  • Quilter’s Select Glue stick

  • 90/14 Chrome Microtex needle

  • Scraps of Embellish Heat Transfer Foil, Sew much Cosplay Power Shine Foil or Sew much Cosplay Power Shine Glitter. (optional)

  • A piece of Quilter’s Select Appli Web Plusabout 4”x16”

  • RNK embroidery perfection tape

  • Digital Cutter

  • Deep cut blade and holder for your Digital Cutter

  • A piece of Parchment paper about 6”x 10”

Superhero Mask
Download PDF • 720KB

Create SVG Files for Cutting:

1. I love using Craft n Cut software for creating my files for cutting. I also love my Craft n Cut software because when I save my cut file, I use a feature called "Save 2 Cut” and I’m guided as to how to set my digital cutter for the Material/Fabric I will be cutting. Attached is a video on how to create your file for cutting.

2. I’m not much of an artist so I searched online for a pattern for the mask shape. I found lots of options for mask shapes. I chose one and saved the file as a .jpg.I’ve included the .jpg so you will have the file to use to create your own mask.

3. I created 2 files for each mask. One to cut the Deco Magic and one to cut the felt. I didn’t want the Deco Magic poking out around the edges so I made the felt SVG files a little larger than the Deco Magic file.

Cut the Deco Magic and Felt pieces:

1. Load your SVG Filefor the Deco Magicinto your Digital Cutter.

2. Change the blade in your cutter to the Deep Cut Blade.

3. These are the settings for my digital cutter from my Craft n Cut software.

4. Keep in mind that you may need to set your Digital Cutter differently. Basically you need to deepen the depth of your blade, increase the pressure on your bladeand slow your cutter down.

5. Deco Magic is rolled on a rollto selland it curls the Deco Magic. When putting it on your cutting mat you want it nice and flat. Roll the Deco Magic the opposite direction of the curl from the roll. Roll it as tight as possible to flatten it out.

6. When using your Digital Cutter to cutthe Deco Magic, make sure to generously tape the Deco Magic around all sides to the cutting mat using RNK EmbroideryPerfection Tape.Cut only one mask at a time.

7. Cut 2 pieces of felt 4”x8”or use a single piece 8”x8”. Fuse a piece of Quilter’s Select Appli Web Plus to each piece of felt.The Appli Web Plus gives the felt enough body to be cut by your cutter.

8. Place both pieces of felt or the one piece,Appli Web Plus side down, on your cutting mat. Once again generously tape the pieces to your mat using the RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape.

9. Load the SVG file for the felt. You will need to cut 2 pieces of felt. Load two SVG felt files into your cutter. Make sure the file is on the right place to cut on your mat. Here are the settings for my cutter for felt.

10. The blade depth is a little less for cutting felt. Cut both pieces of felt and remove from mat.


1. Score the paper on the Appli Web Pluson the back of your feltand remove the paper exposing the adhesive.

2. Center the cut piece of Deco Magic on top of one of the felt pieces, fusible side of the Deco Magic to the Appli Web Plus side of the felt.

3. Place a piece of Parchment Paper on top and press the Deco Magic to the Felt. Hold iron in place about 10 seconds to adhere Deco Magic to the felt.The parchment paper will keep the adhesive from getting on your iron.

4. Place maskon face, hold one end of elastic at one side of mask, run elastic around back of head and around to the other side of the mask. This will measure how long to make your elastic. Decrease the length about 1” so elastic will be snug on your head.

5. On the Deco Magic side and about ¾” down from the top, glue ends of the elastic to the sides of the mask using the Quilter’s Select Glue Stick.Make sure not to twist the elastic.

6. Place remaining felt piece on top of Deco Magic,fusible side to the Deco Magic and fuse. 7. Thread your machine and bobbin with the Standard Sewing thread. Install a 90/14 chrome Microtex needle in your machine.

8. Edge stitch around the entire outside edge, through all layers, catching the elastic on the sides and around the eye holes.

Optional Embellishments:

1. Choose any shapes you want to embellish your mask. I chose a bat and some stars. Try Embellish Heat Transfer Foil, Sew much Cosplay Power Shine Foil or Sew much Cosplay Power Shine Glitter to cut your shapes out of. They are both easy to weed and adhere great. They are also ok to put on knit fabrics. They stay nice and flexible. The bat SVG is included in this post.

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