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Labor Day Jean Jacket

It's Labor Day Weekend and we have lots of fun projects for you! Here's one by Clarrisa!


  • A Flat back denim shirt-No gathers or pleats on the back

  • Floriani No Show Mesh

  • Floriani Press n Bond Thread-NEW!Quilter’s Select Appli Web Plus-About 3 pieces 7”x 9”

  • Floriani Embroidery thread

  • Floriani Silver Metallic thread

  • Bobbin thread

  • Floriani “Rainbow” software-NEW!

  • Floriani Tearaway StabilizerScraps of fabric for “USA” applique letters

  • Parchment paper-About an 8”x 10” piece

  • Quilter’s Select Glue Stick

  • Straight pins

shirt designs
Download ZIP • 1.05MB

Prepare Embroidery:

1. Included in this projectis a video on how the design for the back of the shirt was created. 2. The main design on the back of the shirt was created using Floriani Total Control software and Floriani’s new Rainbow software. Floriani’s Rainbow software is a Stand Alone piece of software which means you don’t need any other software to use it!! It is currently on sale through your local Floriani Dealer. Floriani Rainbow includes all the features of Floriani

Creative Express as well. Here is further

3. The design was first digitized using Floriani Total Control software using artwork that is included in the software. The artwork is found in the “backdrops library”. The icon for the “backdrops library” is located on the top toolbar, about 2/3rds of the way to the right.I made the design

4. Once the design is digitized and then selected, I opened the Rainbow and started creating my color theme.

5. Floriani Rainbow software allows you to change the colorways of any existing design with a couple of clicks. So much fun! In the software there are premade color “themes” or you can make your own color theme. I made a USA color theme for this design.

6. To create the USA Applique Font, I used the “Applique Bean” font in Total Control Software. The Applique Bean font is designed to be a raw edge applique as there is no satin or blanket finish stitch around the outside edge. There is a video included in this project on how to add the satin stitch to the edge of the USA applique.

Follow the remaining instructions on the PDF Below:

USA Denim Shirt (1)
Download PDF • 1.22MB

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