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Loving Hands Table Runner

Ready for a wholesome project, that is sure to touch your heart? This amazing table runner, by Clarrisa, features our FTCU and Photo 2 Stitches Software that you will fall in love with!

First things first, you're going to want to make sure that you have the correct software and supplies needed for this project, right? So, let's jump right in!


  • Ready made table runner. I purchased this one on Amazon. It’s really pretty as there’s a silver thread running through the fabric.

  • The size you chose is all dependent upon how many hands you decide to place on it. I used the 14”x60” table runner. Make sure the width is at least 12” to fit the center embroidery.

  • Floriani Total Control software-a video is included on how to create the hands as well as a written lesson below.

  • Wool or wool blend felt to stitch hands on

  • Shades of Grey threads to stitch hands- at least 15 shades are recommended

  • Floriani Perfect Stick stabilizer

  • Floriani Water Soluble topper

  • Floriani Heat n Stay stabilizer

  • Quilter’s Select Marker

  • Quilter’s Select Invisible thread-this stuff is fantastic, less thread breakage!

  • Floriani Embroidery thread chart-invaluable

  • Floriani Dream Weave Ultra

  • Open Toe Applique foot for your machine

Now for an amazing tutorial by Clarrisa, from Clarrisa's Corner!

Now, make sure that you get your printable instructions, and free designs below!

Loving Hands
Download PDF • 5.52MB
center designs
Download ZIP • 2.14MB
be grateful words
Download ZIP • 322KB

Thanks for creating with us, and remember to join us for Clarrisa's Corner every Thursday at 3:30 PM EST. Our next episode is January 7th! Happy Sewing!

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