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Maine State Flower

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

It's a beautiful October day for a state flower! Let's head over to the great state of Maine, where the White Pine is a beautiful statement-piece, year round!

First, let's download our project instructions! This week, we are creating a beautiful stocking! The best part of our 50 state flowers, is the many ways you can use them to decorate or re-gift! Get a head start on your Christmas stocking stuffers by creating a hand-made stocking using our Maine White Pine Cone design!

ME_Pine Cone_Stocking
Download PDF • 298KB

Download your Maine state flower design in the link below:

Download all past designs in the link below:

Don't forget to join our Facebook Group and share your creations:

Now, let's jump into learning fun facts about the beautiful state of Maine!

Fun Facts About Maine:

  1. The honeybee is the official state insect.

  2. Maine’s blueberry crop is the largest in the nation.

  3. Maine’s nickname as the Pine Tree State comes from the pines that once dotted the state’s forests.

  4. 90% of the country’s toothpick supply is produced in Maine.

  5. Acadia National Park is the second most visited national park in the United States.

  6. Freeport is the home to the L.L. Bean Company.

  7. Maine is the largest harvester of lobster. In 2011, over 104 million pounds of lobster was caught in Maine waters.

  8. Famed horror author Stephen King calls Bangor, Maine home. Many of his books are based in Maine.

  9. Over the years, many movies or scenes from movies have been filmed in Maine. Maine has appeared in “Forrest Gump,” “Jumanji,” “Message in a Bottle,” and “The Cider House Rules.”

  10. Maine is home to a 40-acre desert just outside of Freeport.

That's all for this week! We hope that you loved the fun facts about Maine, and you are excited to create the White Pine Cone design! Until next week, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating!

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