Make a Scrub Hat for your Healthcare Friends!

Laura, our Floriani Educator, has given an amazing tutorial on how to make DIY Scrub Hats for your Healthcare Friends! Follow along below..

Supplies needed: 1 pc 11 ¾” circle 1 pc 10 ½ x 30 Strip for band of hat 1 pc 1” wide by width of fabric for tie

Step 1: On 10 ½” x 30” band fabric, fold in quarters so all four corners are lined up. Mark 1” in on the 30” side and 2 inches down on the 10 ½” side and draw a line connect the marks. Cut on the lie through all four layers.

Step 2: Place band right sides together and sew seam at ½” allong 10 ½” cut edge. Press the seam to one side and top stitch the seam down to the band. Clip the fabric at the turn points so the seam lays flat.

Step 3: Fold fabric circle in half and mark ½ points on opposite sides. On the back of the hat, create three ½” pleats going away from the center on both sides. There is no need to measure these, if necessary, you will make the pleats slightly deeper or shallower to fit the band in the next step.

Step 4: With all six pleats pinned in place, fold the band in half to find center front to the back seam. Begin pinning the top of the hat at the center from working back toward the center back seam. Adjust pleats as necessary to fit to the center back seam. Repeat from the center front to the back seam on the other side of the hat top.

Step 5: Using a 3/8” to ½” seam allowance stitch cap top to the band, back tacking at both the beginning and the end. Seam allowance just needs to be the same all the way around. Press the seam allowance toward the band.