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Mississippi State Flower

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

It's a great day for #FabulousFlorianiFreebieFriday and our continuation of Sketching Across America with State Flowers! This week, we are celebrating the great state of Mississippi, and their state flower the beautiful Magnolia!

This week, our amazing Floriani educators have created a uniquely beautiful clock featuring a few of our past state flowers, and the new Magnolia! Isn't it gorgeous?! Download your instructions and designs below:

Mississippi Magnolia Clock
Download PDF • 2.18MB

Download all 16 past designs with the link below:

Get information about our Sketching Across America Thread Special with the link below:

Now, our tradition is to do fun facts about each state, right? This week we want to show you a beautiful picture of Mississippi, and give you fun facts! It's fun to change things up!

Fun Facts About Mississippi:

  1. Mississippi is home to the Windsor Ruins, pictured above! "The Windsor Ruins are well and truly off the beaten track, giving visitors a private window into the centuries gone by quite unlike other tourist attractions. Surrounded by natural beauty and a breath-taking scenery, it’s easy to forget the Windsor Ruin’s past of slavery, war, and disaster. Built between 1859 and 1861 by a wealthy plantation owner, Smith Coffee Daniel II, was a four-story Greek Revival mansion overlooking the Mississippi River. Destroyed by a fire on 1890, all that remains of the grand mansion are the beautiful Greek columns and a deathly serenity—a haunting reminder of what once was." (

  2. Root Beer was invented in Biloxi in 1898 by Edward Adolf Barq. Sr.

  3. Blues Music was invented in the Mississippi Delta!

  4. Mississippi has more churches than any other state per capita.

  5. The term "teddy bear" was invented in Mississippi by Teddy Roosevelt refused to kill a trapped bear in Onward on a hunting trip.

  6. They are the farmed-catfish capital of the world.

  7. The 26-mile section of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is the longest man-made beach in the world.

  8. Pine Sol, the cleaning agent, was invented in 1929 by Harry A. Cole in Jackson, Mississippi.

  9. The state is named after the Ojibwa Tribe's word for "Big River", messipi.

  10. The Magnolia is both the state flower and state tree!

We hope you love creating our 17th State Flower Design! From all of us at Floriani, Happy Creating! We hope you will join our group community where we share our stitch-outs at:

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