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Missouri State Flower

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's another great #fabulousflorianifreebiefriday where we are featuring our Floriani State Flowers! This week, we are heading over to the state of Missouri to stitch out the White Hawthorn Blossom!

This week's design:

Previous designs:

This week's placemat project:

Missouri Hawthorn Placemat
Download PDF • 2.73MB

Don't forget to drop your beautiful designs and projects in our Facebook group! We love seeing what you have created, and featuring you on our Floriani Embroidery Page!

...And last but not least... Have you entered our giveaway? We are giving away 3 amazing prizes to go with our Sketching Across America, Floriani State Flowers! Follow the link below to be entered to win:

Now let's get to the fun facts portion of today's blog!

Fun Facts About Missouri:

  1. Their state instrument is the fiddle, which makes sense since their state dance is folk dancing!

  2. Soybeans are the biggest money producing crop

  3. Missouri was named after the Missouri Indians which means "town of large canoes"

  4. The most powerful earthquake to ever hit the US was in Missouri in 1811. It was felt for over 1,000 miles!

  5. The tallest man in documented history was from St. Louis! His name was Robert Wadlow, and he was 8'11.1".

  6. Kansas City has more fountains than any other location, except for Rome

  7. The ice cream cone was invented at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair

  8. Iced tea was also invented at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair

  9. The first successful parachute jump occurred in St. Louis in 1912 by Captain Berry

  10. The largest beer producer is in St. Louis, Anheuser-Busch brewery

We hope you have an amazing weekend filled with creativity, happiness in your sewing room, and lots of stitched out memories! Happy Creating Everyone!

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