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Multi-Purpose Little Bag

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Debbie Homer demonstrates how to make a perfect Multi-Purpose Little Bag! Join us on Facebook to see the video on how to make a bag to hold your credit card, phone, Lysol wipes, and attach your hand sanitizer, too!

Want to know how to make it? Watch the video below for the little bag!

Want to make the sanitizer holder? Here's the video for that too!

Supply list

(1) 2” x 8” Fabric (top of zipper panel)

(1) 2” x 8” Dream Weave Ultra – fuse to 2” x 8” fabric piece

(1) 8” x 8” Fabric (lower panel of zipper)

(1) 8” x 8” Dream Weave Ultra – fuse to 8” x 8” fabric piece

(1) 8” x 9” Fabric (back)

(1) 8” x 9” Dream Weave Ultra – fuse to 8” x 9” fabric piece

(1) 8” x 8” Fabric (cell phone pocket)

(1) 4” x 4” Sew Fab Foam – fuse to have of 8” x 8” fabric

(1) 5” x 6” Fabric (credit card pocket)

(1) 5” x 6” Dream Weave Ultra – fuse to 5” x 6” fabric

(1) 2” x 36” Fabric (handle)

(1) 9” zipper

(2) rings


Fuse all Dream Weave and Sew Fab Foam pieces to wrong side of fabric.

Sew right side of zipper to right side of top panel fabric using zipper foot.

Sew other side of zipper right side to right side of bottom panel Fabric

Press along fabric and zipper edge making it lay flat

Topstitch on each edge of and fabric.

Fold credit card pocket in half so it now measures 2 ½ x 6”, sew across the top edge right sides together the 2 ½ “ edge ¼” seam allowance, turn and press.

Topstitch across the 2 ½” edge, place in corner of front fabric matching raw edges, pin into place, sew down the 6” edge of where the fabric was folded, leaving raw edges pinned.

Fold Cell phone pocket in half right side of fabric on outside, topstitch across the folded edge.

Place cell phone pocket onto back fabric on lower bottom, pin into place.

Take 2” x 36” handle piece, I would measure yourself first to see if that is long enough to do cross body or shoulder strap.

Run thru bias tape maker then fold in half and press, sew down each edge and down the center.

Cut off 5” and then cut the 5” piece in half this is your straps for your rings.

Place each 2 ½” strip into each ring fold fabric piece in half and pin on each one.

Place onto front bag ½” in from each side and pin.

Place bag front and back bag piece right sides together and pin into place.


Don’t forget to open zipper, sew around all edges width of foot back tac over zipper on each side to reinforce.

Open zipper the rest of the way and turn right side out and press.

Place handle strip into each ring and sew across edge.

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