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National Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Happy National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! If you are like us, your fur-babies are your life, and you are 100% on board for giving them cute accessories!

It's super easy and fun to make! All you need are these few items:

  • Quilters Select Rotary Cutter

  • Scrap Fabric or Fabric to match the occasion

  • Embellish Heat Transfer Foil

  • Weeding Tool

  • Floriani 60 wt thread (we used a very light grey)

  • Quilters Select Prewound bobbins (used a light grey to match)

  • A Heat Press

The size of the bandanna truly depends on your dog. We used 23" wide x 9.5" long for a small dog bandanna. However, here are more dimensions to choose from:

  • XL: 40" wide x 17.5" long

  • L: 34" wide x 14" long

  • M: 28" wide x 12.5" long

  • S: 23" wide x 9.5" long

  • XS: 17" wide x 7" long

Simply measure and cut to your desired size. At the bottom of the triangle, you will need to measure and cut two straight lines to the end of the bandanna to make the triangle shape. Next, you will want to fold and pin your edges to make a crisp edge. We prefer to have 1/4" seam.

After it is all sewn up, we applied the Embellish Heat Transfer Vinyl at an angle to make it "so fetch"! Get your free SVG Below and look at adorable pictures/videos of Ledger.

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Bleu Pierre (standard poodle) loves coming to the shop everyday. He is a social butterfly.

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