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National Cookie Day

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

It's National Cookie Day, and today we have a special surprise project for you! Follow the blog below for a special story and to start creating! Let's go!

Today, we are learning how to embroider a tea towel with a famous, family recipe! Cookie Gaynor, from our series "Coffee with Cookie" created this personal project just for you! She even shared her family's secret recipe for the best Holiday Cookie Bars!

"The recipe begins with my grandmother, Blanche, who was notably the first American Women’s Rescue Squad team member.

She loved the recipes on the back of cans and boxes. The cinnamon and swapping peanut butter chips (be mindful of nut allergies) instead of butterscotch is our family flair!

The original recipe is over 40 years plus, and I tweaked it over the years to suit my children's needs - skipping nuts and adding the condensed milk last to keep the layers moist. If you make it at home, use parchment paper, which makes it easier to remove once baked. But it made a messy photo, so I redid them with Pam spray. Be sure to let them cool down completely before cutting. I use Graham crackers and put them in the food processor for the crust.

Wishing you a Fabulous Holiday Season, but do not share your cookies with Taco Bell !

I hope you love this recipe - Cookie Gaynor"

Now it's time to create this masterpiece! Download your assets in the files below!

Download your printable instructions in the file below:

Download ZIP • 661KB

Next, let's download your embroidery files in the zip below:

Embroidery Files
Download ZIP • 239KB

Now, let's download your templates to complete the project below:

Download ZIP • 245KB

We hope you love this personalized blog from Cookie Gaynor, and that you create this beautiful tea towel for the Holiday season! If you make the cookies, be sure to let us know when you love them! Until next time, Happy Sewing and Happy Creating Everyone!

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2 Kommentare

Thank you. I like recipe embroidery designs.

Gefällt mir

Darlene Sewista
Darlene Sewista
06. Dez. 2022

Thank you. What a cute design and I am also looking forward to trying this recipe

Gefällt mir
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